Beginner Academy

Pelham Racquet Club's Beginner Academy is geared towards elementary-age players who are just beginning tennis or bridging the gap between beginning and being able to rally and play points. Classes specialize in learning grips and basic swing form. We use various low compression balls to make it easier for our youngsters to learn and begin to rally. Classes are divided into two groups, Beginner I and Beginner II. Beginner II are pure beginners, many times younger. Players are learning how to make contact and hit the ball.  Beginner I focuses on learning topspin and learning how to track the ball so they can begin to rally. Please email our Head Professional with any questions or to get sign-up information.

Summer ScheduleTimeCost
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday4:30 pm - 5:30 pm$20/class
$150/10-class pass
Fall Schedule (Begins August 12)TimeCost
Monday, Wednesday4:30 pm - 5:30 pm$20/class
$150/10-class pass

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