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Posted on: January 5, 2022

A Path Apart.

Full Color Pelham Logo with mountains and water on mint background

If you could describe Pelham in one word, what would it be? Take a moment to think about it. Really think. 

For Matt Jaeh, who moved to Pelham from Los Angeles a little more than ten years ago, it’s NATURAL. “Pelham is home to one of the best state parks in the southeastern region,” he explained. “It is world-renowned for its trail system and a wide variety of activities and amenities. If you love the outdoors, this is the city you want to live in.” 

Mom, dad and two children walking in the parkFor the Lee family, it’s COMMUNITY. “We are a military family who just relocated to Pelham,” Lucy Lee said. “My husband, Andrew, is going into his 17th year of service. This is our sixth move in 12 years. After lots of research, we chose Pelham. Everyone we’ve met is so friendly, and the community seems amazing. We have two children, and we want to settle down and raise our family here,” she added.

Vern and Karen Steenwyk are originally from Michigan and retired to Pelham to be closer to their son. For them, LOCATION is important. “Pelham has a ‘small town’ pride in its people with ‘big town’ accessibility to facilities,” Mrs. Steenwyk told us. 

Zodia Hill, who moved her family of six to Pelham four-and-a-half years ago, points out Pelham’s thriving BUSINESS atmosphere. “We chose Pelham because of Oak Mountain, its proximity to dining and shopping, and its diversity. We love the school system and are looking forward to enjoying all of the development that is happening around the city,” she said.Mom, dad and four children walk into the Pelham Rec Center

You see, it’s clear that we know who we are. Now, it is time the world knows who we are; so we started down a path. We partnered with Birmingham-based BIG Communications to design an iconic new brand: one that is exciting, attractive, different, and most importantly, deliverable. Brand development goes well beyond the creation of a new logo. BIG taught us that city branding is a totality of thoughts, feelings, and expectations people hold about a location. A brand is an experience that must be grounded in truth and reality. 

We started the journey by assembling a diverse panel of people to participate in a discovery session to gain an in-depth perspective about the city from a variety of viewpoints. The panel included residents, business owners, community partners, and employees. What sets Pelham apart from nearby and regional alternatives became quite clear. Pelham is known for its beautiful outdoor recreation and a cherished qualify of life. Pelham City Schools are excellent. Pelham is growing in diversity, and its businesses are thriving. It’s family-oriented and feels like home.  

Jaeh told us just that. “I am blessed with the ability to live anywhere in the world, but I continue to choose to stay here because the city is up-and-coming, family-friendly, close to nature, conveniently located, and affordable.” 

Our promise to anyone who is visiting, looking to put down roots, or grow a business is this: you’ll THRIVE in Pelham. With that in mind, BIG copywriter John Kennedy, a Pelham native, began writing our brand story. 

What is authenticity? It’s what sets you apart. What makes you different, distinguished, unique. It’s more than the choices you make. It’s the path you take. In Pelham, education isn’t just community-focused. It’s community-inspired. Recreation is a mix of indoor and outdoor opportunities. Support is given to both large and local businesses. This is the path you take in Pelham unrivaled in its offerings, unmatched in its affordability, and unparalleled in its progress -- A path apart.

The tagline “A path apart” is a direct reflection of our numerous trails. Once complete, the city’s Greenway Trail will create a path from Pelham City Park to Oak Mountain State Park via a newly created entertainment district. Continue into Oak Mountain, and you’ll find trails that have been recognized by Runner’s World, an international publication. Full Color and Single Color Horizontal Logo

The overall design, font, and colors were all chosen to give the logo a fresh, clean feel. The full-color icon is reflective of Pelham’s natural beauty, with a nod to the state park and the gorgeous sunrises as seen from King’s Chair. Remove the color, and you might see the path that winds around Pelham City Park alongside Bishop Creek. 

Our color palette is updated and consists of hues of natural blues and greens, paired with a pop of orange, which all blend together in perfect harmony. These are the colors you’ll see when you take a scenic drive through Pelham, making the palette authentic yet modern. They are simple and unique, just like our city.

You will soon see the new logo online, as well as in different applications across the city. This includes natural yet modern signage at all of Pelham’s major gateways that are eye-catching in a way that will distinguish our city from the next. 

While what you see is important, the feelings invoked about Pelham are what truly influence the success of the brand. If you are not familiar with our city's numerous offerings, we challenge you to get out and explore. We promise you will be pleased with all that you discover. 

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