About Us

The City of Pelham is well known for its commitment to community-oriented policing and seeks to continue fostering relationships built on trust while being progressive toward the fight against crime and increasing public safety. This department has the support of the community. Pelham has consistently ranked as one of the safest cities in Alabama thanks to the professionalism, dedication, and bravery of the men and women of Pelham PD.  

Our Mission

The mission of the Pelham Police Department is to be progressive in the fight against crime, serve in a professional manner, and be dedicated to the citizens we serve.

This agency is known for having some of the state's most highly trained officers and cutting-edge technology. Members are often called upon to assist other agencies with investigations, many of which are high-profile. The City Council is highly supportive of Pelham PD's mission and commitment to excellence. Business owners cite the quality of our police and the availability of a quality workforce as the primary factors in choosing to set up shop and call Pelham home.

Officer in a patrol vehicle