Sponsorship Opportunities

Are you looking for a unique and impactful way to promote your brand while supporting your local community? The Pelham Civic Complex & Ice Arena offers a range of sponsorship opportunities that will not only elevate your brand's visibility but also contribute to the success of our upcoming events.

Event Sponsorships

We are hosting two fantastic events later this year that offer prime sponsorship opportunities. These events promise to draw large crowds and create lasting impressions:

Christmas Ice Show (December 17, 2023)

This annual holiday tradition is a magical experience for families in Pelham and beyond. Sponsoring this event will place your brand at the center of festive celebrations, allowing you to connect with a diverse and enthusiastic audience.

Xtreme International Ice Racing (January 20, 2024)

Align your brand with an exhilarating and niche sporting experience and connect with a dedicated and enthusiastic audience. 

Benefits of Sponsorship

  • Increased Visibility: Your brand will be prominently displayed, ensuring high visibility among our diverse audience.
  • Positive Community Impact: Align your brand with our community events, demonstrating your commitment to the well-being and growth of Pelham.
  • Marketing Opportunities: We offer various marketing channels, including digital advertising, social media promotion, and event signage, to maximize your exposure.
  • Exclusive Networking: Connect with local leaders, businesses, and fellow sponsors during our events, fostering valuable relationships.
  • Customized Packages: Tailor your sponsorship to suit your specific marketing goals and budget, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.

Facility Sponsorships

The Pelham Civic Complex & Ice Arena offers a diverse range of opportunities for brands to showcase their presence, connect with the community, and align themselves with a thriving hub of entertainment, sports, and events. The combination of physical signage, digital promotion, event participation, and community engagement ensures that sponsors receive maximum exposure and engagement.

Benefits of Sponsorship

  • Enhanced Brand Visibility: Prominent placement of your brand's logo ensures year-round visibility to a diverse and engaged audience.
  • Community Engagement: Demonstrate your commitment to the Pelham community by supporting a vital local hub for entertainment, sports, and events.
  • Marketing and Advertising Exposure: Inclusion in our advertising campaigns, both online and offline, reaching a broad and diverse audience. Recognition as an annual sponsor in press releases and media coverage further boosts your brand's reputation.
  • Customized Sponsorship Packages: Tailored sponsorship packages that align with your specific marketing objectives, allowing you to maximize the impact of your sponsorship investment. Flexibility to choose from a range of sponsorship tiers, ensuring a package that suits your budget and goals.
  • Positive Brand Association: Benefit from the positive image associated with supporting a community-oriented facility that provides recreational opportunities, entertainment, and educational programs. Enhance your brand's reputation as a socially responsible and engaged corporate citizen.
  • Long-Term Partnerships: The opportunity to build long-lasting partnerships with the Pelham Civic Complex & Ice Arena, fostering mutually beneficial relationships that extend beyond a single event or season.

Contact our Sales and Marketing team today to discuss the perfect sponsorship package that aligns with your brand's objectives and helps us create memorable experiences for our patrons. Together, we can make a lasting impact.